CSIS services support research activities relating to spatial information science. The services are open to universities and private corporations. (Right now, most services are only available in Japanese.)

Services Provided by CSIS

One may use CSIS spatial data for research that does not involve any commercial activities. However, the availability of data depends on certain conditions. (This service is available only in Japanese.)


SANET is a toolbox for analyzing events that occur on networks or alongside networks e.g., car crashes on roads and beauty parlors in downtown streets, respectively.
Networks may be roads, rivers, pipe-lines, cables, etc.


"People Flow Project" handles various technologies and data to correspond to needs that it wants to overlook people flow dynamically changed on the city space. Recently, the needs are seen in the field of traffic, disaster prevention, sightseeing, and marketing. Present service are Spatial data cleaning service and Provide spatial data service.


ArcGIS Site Lisence is a download service for ESRI ArcGIS, manuals, and tools for members of the University of Tokyo. ArcGIS Online has been also available since 2015. (This service is available only in Japanese.)


Services Provided by CSIS Staff

With the address-matching function on Internet, this service allows a user to add latitudes and longitudes to data including addresses in CSV format (delimited by comma). You can create spatial data based on such data as address books and customer databases. (This service is available only in Japanese.)
Urban Employment Areas (UEAs) are proposed as a new metropolitan area definition that can be used by policy makers and researchers in a variety of fields. This site contains the code tables and a database for UEAs.
This service provides spatial datasets of palaeohydrology, palaeoenvironment, alluvial fans and outcrops in Japan as WebGIS and WMS.
This is a reproduction of some datasets from the past services below (Databse Using Internet GIS and Global Palaeohydrology Databse).

Closed Services

  • Clearinghouse:
This service was closed. Please see Catalog Service alternatively. (This service is available only in Japanese.)


  • Catalog Service:
Catalog Service is a system to help search spatial data. (This service is available only in Japanese.)


  • GISSchool:
GISSchool is a portal site providing information and know-how about GIScience. It also provides an on-line search engine for GIS Glossary edited by the Geographic Information Systems Association. (This service is available only in Japanese.)


  • Database Using Internet GIS
    (by Oguchi):
Using Internet GIS, we develop a system to effectively provide data in the fields of Earth Science and Geology to the public. Currently, data on outcrops and fans in Japan, historical landscape in Poland, and data relating to palaeohydrology in the world are available. (This service is available only in Japanese.)
  • Global Paleohydrology Database
    (by Oguchi):
This system, powered by ArcView Internet Map Server, permits the online browsing of data related to paleohydrology and paleoenvironment along with relevant maps.
  • GIS Training
    (by Furuhashi):


GIS training seminar for beginners, which shows how GIS works for you.
  • Teku-Teku GIS
    (by Takahashi):


This site provides useful materials and information for GIS users including GIS beginners. The site also provides a bulletin board for questions and answers concerning GIS. (This service is available only in Japanese.)