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To support and promote researches on spatial information sciences, CSIS provides various spatial datasets and services named as the "Spatial Data Platform for Researches" (SDP) to researchers worldwide in the form of joint research.

Since the SDP includes some datasets that can only be provided with strict limitation by their term of use, copyrights and purpose of use (i.e., some datasets are provided by commercial companies and other organizations only for research purposes), any person who wants to use SDP should apply joint research involving the use of the SDP, hereafter called “Joint Research”, following the Rules for Joint Research (PDF). The user will get permission to access SDP as a Joint Research Investigator upon obtaining an approval by the National Joint Research Examination Committee at CSIS.

All the application procedures for Joint Research are operated online. If you want to use the SDP, please refer to the Instruction for Application (PDF) to start a Joint Research project in JoRAS: Joint Research Application System. Upon approval, you will be able to access the requested datasets and serveices of SDP, exept for some external services, through JoRAS.

Flow charts of application of a new project is listed below:


[Important] When applying the Joint Research, please carefully select necessary datasets/services that match your research purpose.


Summary of Joint Research

Qualification as a Joint Research Investigator
A researcher who belongs to a university or a research institution, who is engaged only in research or in research and education. An undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a research student who conducts research under the guidance of a Joint Research Investigator specified above.
Period of a project
Application: April 1st - March 31th (at any time)
The project permission is valid in the relevant single fiscal year. However, it can also be continued for the next year by application.
Reserach topics
Please refer to our member list
Available datasets and services
Please refer to the list
Using the spatial datasets and services
Upon approval, access to the datasets and services is available from the account page of JoRAS (Joint Research Application System)
Report of Joint Research
A research report should be submitted every year (at the end of fyscal year). In addition, please consider to give a presentation in the annual symposium of CSIS (CSIS DAYS).
Publication of results by Joint Research
Please declare that the research is a part of Joint Research with CSIS when publishing academic papers. Also, please send a reprint PDF of the paper to CSIS Joint Research Office.
[ An example for Acknowledgements ]
Residential maps provided by ZZZ CO., LTD and digital road map databases of Japan provided by SSS Electric Industries, Ltd are used as the CSIS Joint Research (No. XXX) using spatial data provided by Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo.

Status of Joint Research projects

§List of Joint Research Project accepted

Transition of the number of Joint Research 1998 - 2015