Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI Project Assistant Professor (2016-)
Further information available at http://heromiya.net

Summary—Conducting research and development on applications of geospatial and space technologies and collaborative operations of the technologies for global issues.

Collaborative Schemes of Applying Geospatial and Space Technologies for International Development Cooperation

While various kinds of geospatial data resources are emerging and expected to be further archived in the future, geospatial applications for international development cooperation are promoted by international organizations, especially for international projects in less documented regions. In addition, satellite positioning and mobile phones, which are regarded as key technologies delivering geospatial applications and services to broader ranges of people, are rapidly penetrating even in developing countries. Geospatial applications and services therefore are becoming more practically feasible with broader impacts in global issues. This research aims to illuminate potential needs of geospatial and space technologies through collaborations with international organizations, such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, and promote the technologies by presenting applications and solutions to the partner organizations. Furthermore, this research also aims to draw collaborative schemes of sustainable operations of the technologies according to dialogues with stakeholders, such as research institutes, government agencies, and international organizations. This research targets, but not limits to, sectors and fields of disaster risk management, urban development, transport development, public health, energy development, water resources management, and international project management.

Global Socioeconomic Monitoring using Satellite Remote Sensing

Detail and frequent socioeconomic monitoring is necessary for effective strategy planning and decision making. This research aims to develop methodologies of mapping and monitoring socioeconomic activities, such as urban and rural growth and estimated GDP, in global scale using earth observation satellite data with combinations of other geospatial data resources. This research especially focuses on development of global datasets from freely available satellite data, such as multispectral image data of Landsat and ASTER and night-time light image data of DMSP and VIIRS. This research also aims contribution to creation of Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) by participating to the Groups on Earth Observation (GEO) and the working group on Global Urban Observation and Information under GEO.

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