Spatial Data Clearinghouse

Spatial data clearinghouse is a system storing the information concerning spatial data (called spatial metadata) and it enables one to search these metadata. Users can search the spatial data being wanted using the provided categories as keyword.

The Spatial Data Clearinghouse of CSIS is developed for creating a clearinghouse, particularly for the use of research. For general people, the purpose of searching is just for obtaining topographical maps which can be printed out, so the primary keyword used in the searching are mostly the range and scale of maps. However, if the objective of using the spatial data is for research, much more information about the data are usually necessary. Especially, the attribute information lying under topographical maps (the information concerning the property other than the spatial position of objects) is important. Therefore, in the Spatial Data Clearninghouse, the function supporting the search for the attribute information of maps is emphasized. Now, most of the spatial data possessed by CSIS are included in the system as spatial metadata. By accessing, these data can be searched via a GUI (graphic user interface). However, we only support Japanese in our clearinghouse right now.